At Spicsoft, we take pride in offering quality IT services that enhance business performance. The following services help businesses run smoothly and efficiently. With these IT solutions, increased success is guaranteed.

  • Server Installation & Maintenance: we specialize in installing servers and maintaining them through monthly visits
  • Desktop Installation: we install your desktop computers for you so that you can begin working immediately
  • Printer, Fax, and Scanner Installation: we install printers, fax machines, and scanners and set up device networks within your business
  • Cabling: we offer the best cable organization to ensure longevity of your setup and reduce unnecessary clutter

  • Installation & Maintenance: we install and maintain a variety of software including Quickbooks, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, CRM, accounting software, and custom applications
  • Remote Office Connectivity: we set up networks by connecting computers and other devices in remote offices to branch offices allowing for synergy within your organization
  • Microsoft Office 365: we offer setup, installation, configuration, migration, administration, and support services for Office 365
  • Anti-Virus Solutions: we detect and remove viruses and malware from your systems allowing you to securely run your business

  • Firewall Setup & Installation: we set up and install Firewall for you so that you can run your business securely without the risk of internet attacks
  • Network Switches: we set up a network switch that allows you to connect all your devices on an internal network

  • Server Virtualization: we use VMware and Hyper-V to provide a virtual server platform

  • Fully Managed Backup: we test and validate the backup strategies in place on a regular basis to ensure the backups are functional
  • Hybrid Backup Solution: we help you store backups locally as well as in our data center
  • Advanced Technology: our enterprise-grade backup solutions support virtually all server and workstation operating systems. With Spicsoft you get agentless backup freeing up computing resource during the time of backing up. This provides full application level backup/restore for Microsoft SQL and Exchange Server 
  • Warm / Hot Standby Service: we reserve online server space for you and help you bring your services online through our data center

Cloud computing refers to storing data and performing strenuous tasks all in the cloud. Here’s how our cloud computing services will enhance your business:

  • we reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • our cloud solutions are scalable, improve uptime, and minimize costs
  • we manage, maintain, monitor, and backup your data continuously

In addition to our other services, we offer solutions specifically for small businesses who are getting started. Some of these services include:

  • Computer Sale & Installation: we sell and install computers and peripheral devices
  • Backup Services: we offer secure backup services in case of disaster
  • Office Network: we set up your complete office network from the ground up
  • Server Solutions: we set up your server and enable file sharing across all devices on the network
  • Security & Privacy: we offer user security services to secure your data, sale, and salary

We have partnered with the following companies to bring you high quality products at low prices:

  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • AVG
  • Veeam Backup